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In fact, chainfire SuperSU download is a qualified super user access administration utility as a root-only app specifically for rooted Android handsets. Apk superSU is specially dedicated to solving the issues faced by superuser android root tools. SuperSU apk download basically tolerates users for a progressive management dive deeper of all applications and the system on the particular Smartphone or the Tablet. SuperUser app is primarily designed for accessing apps on any rooted devices safer and trouble-free. SuperSU Pro APK the advanced root management tool with extra features provides more customization to Android-OS.

supersu apk

Android SuperSU Pro APK allows app management facility for rooted mobile devices with authorized app installing and system monitoring. SuperSU Root is the secure platform for Android-OS providing no modifications are applied to existing apps by various system changes. Download SuperSU apk for the mobile operating system and optimize the performances or buy Pro SuperSU download version from Chainfire. Throughout this responsible manager, you can encounter a list of features that keep you high-class. However, here is a brief narration of Super SU for both experts and newbies.

android superSU v3.1.3 download

Download SuperSU v3.1.3 apk

Chainfire SuperSU Root New Features

  • Binary update issues fixed
  • Native NPE in username resolution fixed
  • CM12 policy adjustments
  • Language file updates
  • Rootfs remount issue fixed for HTC
  • LD_PRELOAD sanitization
  • Dump state work-around improvements
  • Killing dead per-uid daemonsu improvements

APK SuperSU root is a brave offer of XDA developers with the guidance of its main developer Chainfire. Unquestionably, it has been resolved a heap of troubles and issues over rooted devices since far than further competitors. Pro SuperSU download is not a stand-alone app and first install Super-SU and then reboot the device. Android SuperSU Pro adds the license file for the application itself. It is just 2.99$ you have to pay for chainfire supersu pro download and install the file for the system for a better performance.

Pro Supersu apk Change Logs

  • Full color-coded command for input, output and error logging
  • Per-app user override and logging configuration
  • OTA survival mode
  • PIN protection

System Requirements for SuperSU Pro Download

  • Android OS 2.1 or higher (for Pro version Android OS must be 3.0 or higher)
  • Rooted android_smartphone or tablet

How to Install Apk SuperSU Download

  • Download SuperUser v3.1.3 or Pro version.
  • Install Super SU to android mobile device.
  • Reboot the device.
  • Run the SU application.
  • If "Outdated binary" appears, updating su binary file has to be done by tapping on “Continue”.
  • The tool accesses the rooted device.
  • Super SU app will display on the Android device if the installation is successed.

Video Tutorial on Android SuperSU Root

Download SuperSU is the ideal way to secure your device from threats. SuperSU android is the app management software designed with the least bugs and issues. So you expect a great experience of faster and safer system management while SuperSU apk supports many enhanced and advanced facilities.

More about Chainfire SuperSU

The latest version 3.1.3 of Pro SuperSU root now available in Google Play Store, Official website and recommended third-party dealers. Android Supersu Pro APK version has been updated on 27th May 2017. It fixed bugs and errors plus disable response for a better service. The Android frame that you ought to establish should be above Android 2.3.

While Super SU’s super stands for an advanced support, the rest SU remain for Substitute User and that is a command taken from Linux root accesses. Root status is the key path to assume superuser access. Theoretically, Download Supersu APK knows as identical to grant managerial status over the computer. There is no any limitation once you are rooted.

Pros and Cons of APK and Recovery options


Pros – The easiest method for newbies, quickest rooting approach

Cons – Required to handle root status plus capable to remove additional root availabilities

SuperSU Recovery

Pros – Highest achievement rate, no need to update SU files

Cons – Should unlock the device using bootloader plus move through CWM recovery

Troubleshooting tips

  • Completes Super SU binary update frequently happens behind third-party rooting tools. It is because the particular application might remove Super SU’s SU part or else cover your root permission even after allowing root. Therefore, root manually using Recovery mode is the recommended approach for such issues
  • Those who are looking for the best method to root their handsets can consider the above procedure for both root and install Super SU
  • You must get TWRP recovery plus recovery package able to aid ADB debugging. Both are required for a better support. If not, you will definitely fail once try to update TWRP

Chainfire SuperSU Android Credits

Developer credits of apk SuperSU download and SuperSU Pro download goes to Chainfire and his team CCMT and Mobile Technology LLC join R&D for coding for a proper usage.